Covid-19 Impacts on the Fashion industry

Covid-19 Affected all the industries of the world, so how it is possible that the fashion industry can remain without getting affected by this pandemic. Lockdown influenced the lives of all people from chain supply workers, retailers to brand owners worldwide. Let’s see how corona changed the trends of fashion industry.

From last year starting off the pandemic season, sailors started to close their shops according to the Government’s instructions on social distancing and lockdown policies. The events got canceled and hence the changing trends and the fashion industry slowed down. The retailers stopped taking cloths supply from their suppliers and the working chain of the whole Fashion Industry got dispersed.

During the first wave of the coronavirus, people were afraid and the sudden attack of Coronavirus produced so many destructions locally and globally. Due to social distancing measures, high Fashion events got canceled, then retailers closed the shops due to the cancellation of orders.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic changed the fashion industry forever.

 Manufacturing and Supply chains

The manufacturing process hampered due to the cancellation of orders and lack of availability of fiber but the industrial management who stored fabric in their stores got benefit from this.

The supply chain worker’s life got affected at a maximum level as the working industry closed and they were not able to manage their bread and butter even.

Shut Down of Shops

The shopkeepers shut the doors of their shops and followed stay-at-home orders, the buyer’s number decreased swiftly. In this situation, a shift towards digital marketing and online shopping trends were noticed which would stay after this lockdown.

People had to increase the social media commerce usage and other e-commerce stores so they can buy while staying at home and outdoor pickup was trending in those days. The retailers moved towards digital marketing to survive.

Decrease in Shopping

As apparel is the main system for shopping, people go to their offices, schools, universities, and different workplaces, and hence they do shopping more but due to the covid19 pandemic, the lockdown was enforced by the government due to which staying at was solely an option so sales decreased.

Shopping is done and sales are generated mostly during wedding seasons, special occasions, and large gatherings which were banned during a pandemic so fewer sales were generated.

Events Cancellation

According to corona SOP’s a public gathering was not allowed so all mega-events to be held were canceled. In this situation, the designers adapted to showcase their dresses on online digital media platforms without live public gatherings.

The British Fashion Council announced the introduction of the digital cultural fashion week platform. Shanghai and Moscow fashion weeks were presented digitally.

As the art galleries and museums were closed, First American Art Magazine organized an art exhibition and asked the art community to draw masks.

The covid-19 pandemic affected and changed the whole fashion industry and also its trends. The face masks were one thing trending as a fashion symbol something that was solely for protective purposes changed into a fashion trend.

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