Best Shoes For Supinated Runners

If you are struggling to find the best cushioned running shoes for supination, we have made this article for you to provide reviews for the best running shoes for supinators.

Supination or undepronation is one of the most prevalent conditions that irritate runners and prevent them from going for a long journey. This condition refers to the rolling of the feet externally. This lack of instability is crucial for many diseases, such as injuries, plantar fasciitis, sore muscles, knee pain, and shin splints. Supination happens due to having high arches, which causes the feet to wobble outwards. Wearing a poor-fitting model will aggravate the rolling; therefore, this article will make a reliable list of the best cushioning running shoes for runners who supinate. Best Shoes For Supinated Runners

When you under pronate or supinate, the rearfoot rolls outward after hitting the ground, leading to increased stress on the ankle and foot. Supination is generally a consequence of genetics but can also be brought on or made worse by an imbalance of muscles in the lower leg, foot, and ankle.

Supination could be brought on for several reasons. Let’s have a look at some to better learn about the condition:


Supination may be an inherited issue that has an effect on the foot’s structure. In cases such as these, getting orthopedic that works for you is essential. In the end, the proper cushioned running shoe can set you up for years to come!

Old (or New) Injuries: Curiously, a common reason for supination is an injury to the ankles (both old and new). It means runners who experience the condition need to be careful to avoid re-injury and get quality footwear with the right level of arch support and cushioning to continue living a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise (or Lack Thereof): Studies have shown that too little and too much exercise can cause supination. So, it is essential to ensure that you get the recommended amount of motion daily to ensure you don’t risk your physical health. What’s the suggested amount? You’ll need to ask your doctor for that.

The Wrong Shoes:

The improper running shoes can force undue stress onto your feet while also forgoing the support you require in the arches. Because of this, you’ll need to ensure that you’re always wearing a quality pair of cushioned running shoes that can maintain you upright for hours with no side effects!

First, it’s essential to consider how supination (also called “underpronation”) differs from standard, biomechanically efficient pronation. Normal foot pronation is when the foot rolls inwards, and the arch flattens. This is how the body naturally absorbs shock. On the other hand, people with supinated feet tend to have high, stiff arches. This means that their gait doesn’t roll inwards and their arches don’t flatten, which puts extra stress on the outside of the foot. Therefore, people who underpronate should choose neutral, high-cushioned running shoes to compensate for their feet’ lack of natural shock absorption and make it easier for them to pronate.

What Characteristics Should I Look for while Buying Best Cushioned Running Shoes for Supination?

Below are some factors to consider when you are shopping for a new pair of running shoes for supination.

Choose the Right Running Shoe Type for Supination

People with high arches often supinate. Actually, supination and high, rigid arches are two peas in a very uncomfortable pod. So, supinators should try to find a neutral cushioned shoe to be able to offer comfort and support for their foot while running or participating in other physical activities. Supinators have to avoid motion control running shoes, which work best for people with the opposite condition which is overpronation.


Supinated feet typically suffer in their shock absorption characteristics as a small part of the foot hits the ground. So, the best cushioned running shoes for supination will handle the shock absorbing for you. Footwear with a footbed manufactured from EVA foam or memory foam can greatly improve your comfort and minimize the risk of jarring injuries. Superior cushioning not only delivers a smooth, easy surface for the foot, but it as well absorbs impact and, if the foam is made of high enough quality, a great bounce-back is guaranteed.


Supination leads to suffering from huge pressure on one’s lower leg, which makes shocks unbearable. Therefore, a dependable cushioning system is not an option that you can ignore. Additionally, the outside section of the feet becomes too strained due to rolling outwards, which causes runners to run without feeling balanced.

Consult an expert about whether the shoe you are buying is tailored to cover supination needs or not. That is why one can’t underestimate the significance of cushioning, especially if you want to embark on an overextended run. Your shoe should feel so cozy to make your rides pleasurable. It will render your prolonged rides a pleasure to be enjoyed. If comfortable enough, your shoes will meet all your running needs.


When you wear a flexible model, you will manage to attenuate shocks and feel optimal freedom while running. On the other hand, if your shoe is not easy-going, much pressure will be accumulated on your feet.

Shock Attenuation

Your running shoe should be excellent in terms of absorbing shocks; otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy your ride at all. Therefore, opt for a model featuring upgraded shock-attenuation technologies and generous foam.


You need to ensure that your shoe suits your running style and can grip onto your feet tightly no matter how long your ride is. A supportive shoe will make your feet lie inside your shoes steadily, which will protect you from accidents and reduce your supination.


Your shoe should never be too wide not to cause your feet to slip out now and then. If you supinate, your feet will keep rolling towards the outside, which will cause you to suffer from constant irritation. That is why opt for a well-tied shoe that will give you a snug feel. In addition, the shoe needs to offer a true-to-size wrap around the foot; otherwise, your foot will never stop rolling, which will exaggerate your supination.


The insufficiency of breathability leads foul odors and dirt to get trapped inside the shoe, hindering running and leading to many problems.

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An excellent running shoe for supinated feet should be marked by its high-end quality that makes the shoe master the ride. Therefore, consider searching the shoe manufacturer before you go with the purchase. Cutting-edge running sneakers are tailored to boost your performance and prevent injuries. So, if you wish to raise your mileage, you need to focus on the quality of your model. The quality of the shoe will give you an edge over long marathons.


The running sneaker should be composed of a dependable rubber that can carry your body weight effectively. If your outsole is so loose, you will run the risk of encountering many accidents.

Other factors to consider

Foot supination should be corrected by the chosen shoes as much as possible.
Stay away from rigid running shoes and those with solid anti pronation support, as they will push the feet a lot more to the outside.
Avoid very bouncy cushioning since it may amplify the lateral movements of the feet and make them less stable.
As for sizing, ensure you have at minimum half a thumb’s width between the big toe and the end of the shoe.
Go for running shoes that are made of lightweight and flexible materials to allow for more foot motion.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about supination, best cushioned running shoes for supination, check the below section of top faqs with answers.

How can I know if I have supination?

Many signs refer to supination, such as rolling outwards and having high arches, but not all people can indicate whether their feet roll out during the run or not or whether their arches are high or not. So, we recommend that you check these signs out, and you will surely know if you have this problem or not.

Suffering from Achilles pain.
The outer edges of your shoes are tremendously damaged.
Feeling pain in the outer part of your knee.
Encountering sprains regularly.
Sensing a pinching pain in the underfoot or heel part.
Recurrent calluses and blisters.
Having reddened feet, ankles, or heels.
Suffering from plantar fasciitis.
Why is supination a problem?

The feet are the first part of the body that is connected to everything else. When your back foot rolls outward, you put pressure on the weak parts of your ankles and feet. Excessive supination may cause plantar fasciitis, ankle pain, and stress higher up the body.

This can result in hip, knee, and even back problems. In addition, the negative effects of supination could be specifically serious for athletes who put their lower limbs throughout the repeated strain.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, supination is not an easy condition that runners can endure because it makes running a dull process. However, there is a consensus that supination can be reduced with the help of a sturdy running shoe. That is why we rounded up for you in this guide the best cushioned running shoes for supination that experts advise under pronators or supinators to buy. Consider buying a shoe with sufficient cushioning and stability. The most important thing you need to check is the fit of your shoe: Don’t forget to measure your feet correctly and ensure that your kick is suitable for them.

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