Is Artificial Intelligence Beneficial to Humans?

Artificial Intelligence Beneficial to Humans


The artificial Intelligence term was first invented by John McCarthy in the year 1955. He said “every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence can be described precisely that a machine can be made to simulate it. An attempt will be made to find how to make the machine use language, form abstractions, and concept, solve kinds of problems, now reserved for humans, and improve themselves.”

                   Artificial Intelligence ( further will be called AI) by Alan Turing, a mathematician who defined it as a “concept”. Frankly speaking, there’s no proper definition of AI is accepted by all practitioners. Some say AI is the development of commuter systems in such a way to perform actions that require human intelligence such as speech recognition, visual perceptions, translation between languages, and decision making, etc.

Artificial Intelligence Beneficial to Humans

AI is expanding very rapidly covering almost every stratum of society. Humans are benefiting from AI by reducing the cost of products and improving efficiency in, medical sector, education, logistics, finance.

As artificial intelligence is serving humanity in the best possible way, it’s also providing risks in different ways intelligence discuss in a later section.

Artificial Intelligence Beneficial to Humans

Different advantages of artificial intelligence enlisted as:


  • Reduction in Human Errors
  • Work with Greater Accuracy
  • Improve Processes
  • Reduce cost on training and operation
  • All 24/7 hours
  • Making Faster Decisions
  • Modern Inventions
  • Helping in Repetitive Tasks
  • Self-learning from Data
  • Finally Automating the Work
  • More Revenue Generating
  • Providing Virtual Assistant
  • Optimization of Tasks


 All the above-stated advantages generated excellent results in all the fields of the world and changed tthe whole process of working. But it also damaging the world in an unrepairable way and giving some potential threats as described:

  • High cost
  • Increase In Unemployment
  • Lack of Improvement
  • Unethical Use of Robots
  • Lack Of Creativity
  • Total dependency On technology
  • With AI human can lose the human capability
  • Destruction by false use of machine
  • Chances of Robotic Enslaving
  • No Replicating Human

Human creativity is lacking as AI is approaching and making it possible everyday workings with great facility and easy to go.


Elan Musk is a well-known name in the artificial intelligence field at present, he stated publicly that artificial intelligence is the biggest threat to human civilization in the future. So this proves that every coin has two sides one of the great benefits and the other of great harms, same case with artificial intelligence.

But these benefits and harms can be controlled by creating powerful policies and laws, which would be emphasized so that risks mitigated with AI can be reduced.

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